Web 2.0 Social Networking Technologies & Student Engagement: An Evaluation of An In-Class Question-Answer SMS Text Messaging System

Abstract: This paper provides a synthesis of the current literature about using Web 2.0 technologies for social networking and how these tools combined with Short-Message- Service (SMS) texting can lead to increased participation from students in the classroom. Additionally this study shares the results of a survey that measured the ease of use, comprehensiveness and level of interest, and participation of a webpage that receives SMS text messages. The results of the survey showed that most students agreed that the blog page was easy to use, that the SMS text receiver in the blog page increased class participation and interest in class discussions, and that the blog page combined with student text messaging improved class discussions. Interestingly enough, the results showed that while the SMS enabled webpage increased class participation, individual students did not feel that the website increased their personal participation or improved their personal understanding of course material.

Full-Text Available PDF

Authors: C. Matt Graham, George Miaoulis

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