Process and Practice: Improving Writing Ability, Confidence in Writing, and Awareness of Writing Skills´Importance

Abstract: This study examines the impact of a two-semester writing-focused program on freshman students’ perceived improvements in writing ability, confidence in writing, and recognition of the importance of writing skills for academic and career success. Participants were taught a five step writing process and were required to complete 10 writing assignments each semester using the five steps. The pre-test post-test design required participants to complete a questionnaire at the end of each semester that measured perceived improvements in ability, confidence, and awareness of the importance of writing skills. Mean responses on the pre-test showed improvements in all three areas, and means and t-tests results indicated additional improvements at the end of the second semester. However, only grammar, organization, and recognition of academic importance showed a significant improvement. The findings support the use of a writing process and practice to provide business students with a vital skill for academic and career success.

Full-Text Available PDF

Authors: Teresa G. Weldy, Jeanne D. Maes, Jeanne D. Harris

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