The Marketing Blog Competition: Integrating Educational Blogging and Analytics in the Classroom

Abstract: How should marketing educators teach today’s technologically savvy college students the latest knowledge as well as relevant soft and hard skills for employment in a world of Web 2.0? The changing environment requires the development of innovative pedagogical approaches to enhance students’ experiential learning. Recent research has focused on the idea of implementing technology and the adoption of educational blogging in the marketing curriculum. This paper outlines a semester- long marketing blog competition, in which students had to (1) create and maintain a marketing blog and (2) apply web analytics to analyze, manage and improve their blog performance based on key performance indicators. This article offers a detailed discussion of the design and implementation as well as the outcomes based on quantitative and qualitative student feedback.

Full-Text Available PDF

Authors: Sven Tuzovic, Volker Kuppelwieser

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