Measuring Teaching Effectiveness: A Comparative Evaluation

Abstract: Student evaluation of teaching (SET) is one of the several mechanisms used to assess student’s learning and instructor effectiveness in the classroom. Student evaluation of faculty teaching effectiveness has been used in most universities in the USA as well as across the globe to determine faculty member’s ability, knowledge in the subject matter, and instructional effectiveness. This study develops a modeling approach for including the results of student evaluations as part of an overall Faculty Evaluation Program that includes peer and/or administrators’ evaluation. The approach is pragmatic using a subset of the faculty ranking to develop the model. This avoids the problem of using the ranking of all faculty members to develop the model and then testing the model using the same data. The model performance is tested using the Quade test to verify that ranking of the individual faculty members in the subset is justified. The model is regression-based, using the six summary scores obtained from Student Instructional Reports. The model is compared to published results of studies of the evaluation process.

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Authors: Mohammad M. Quasem, Ayodele O. Mobolurin, Charles M. Ermer

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