The Case For A SMS Texting Integrated Classroom: Learning Preferences And Student Perceptions

Abstract: This paper synthesized two studies on whether or not student learning preferences and website usability influenced the use of a collaborative learning technology used to encourage student engagement. The collaborative learning technology was an interactive website that also received short-message-service (SMS) texts. Learning preferences was determined by Myer-Briggs Personality Type Indicator (MBTI®) and student perceptions of the collaborative learning technology were determined with a website usability survey. The results of this study found that most students regardless of their learning preference perceived that the use of SMS texting improved their understanding of course material as well as encouraged other students to participate more in class but it did not encourage individual students to participate more. Lastly, this study makes the case that SMS texting is an improved alternative to other personal response systems such as clickers due to the almost ubiquitous nature of SMS texting amongst college students.

Full-Text Available PDF

Authors: C. Matt Graham, George Miaoulis

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