International Academy of Business

The International Academy of Business was established to facilitate and promote discussion and publication of ideas by scholars from around the world in a small conference setting where researchers and business executives get to know each other, opening up opportunities for collaborations and for jointly seeking solutions to business problems. As the conferences held by the IAB are international in nature, they facilitate discussion of business issues encountered in many countries, providing learning opportunities even to established researchers.

Constructive Feedback and Networking

Authors of each paper presented would receive written comments from assigned discussants. These comments are motivated by a desire to support, encourage and improve the papers presented. The paper presentation environment is kept cordial where constructive criticism is encouraged. Coffee is served during all session breaks, facilitating continuation of discussion from the meeting rooms to the hallways. Networking can continue during organized breakfast and lunch times as well. All papers presented at the IAB conferences are eligible for publication in the International Academy of Business Review.

Publication Opportunities

The IAB provides publication opportunities to academics & researchers though four journals:

International Journal of Economics & Business
(ISSN: 1948-5166)
American Journal of Information Technology
(ISSN: 1943-7498)
Journal of Innovative Education Strategies
(ISSN: 1555-5429)
International Academy of Business Review
(ISSN: 2332-8398)

The first three of these journals are peer-reviewed (double-blind rigorous reviews) and are listed in Cabell’s Directory. The International Academy of Business Review serves as an editorially reviewed proceedings volume. This too is listed in Cabell’s Directory. All of the IAB journals have been issued ISSN numbers by the Library of Congress. There is no submission fee. However, accepted papers for these journals are subject to a modest page fee to defray the costs.

The IAB Mission

To provide a friendly forum for the exchange of ideas in all major business disciplines through conferences which are held nationally and internationally, and through publication of peer reviewed journals in business fields. The peer review process would be very efficient and input would be provided in a very supportive and timely manner to produce journals with a modest page fee. To further teaching effectiveness, teaching workshops will be held at every conference, moderated by experienced instructors with excellent classroom performance records.


Teaching Workshops
The IAB recognizes the importance of teaching and holds teaching workshops at its conferences, headed by experienced teachers. These workshops focus on tools and techniques that seem to work for most student populations. Teaching workshops provide faculty development and networking opportunities for academics who may otherwise not be presenting a research paper at the conference.

Research Alliance
The IAB recognized the importance given to collaborative research and to collaborative responses to grant proposals. The organization plans to have sessions at each conference exploring the development of joint proposals in response to various RFPs, and to current public policy issues or other topical research ideas.

Participation Certificates
Participation certificates are provided to everyone attending the teaching workshops. Documentation on the number of hours of participation for participants seeking continuing professional education (CPE) is provided on request.

We hope that you will take advantage of the friendly academic atmosphere found at IAB conferences and that you will consider a completed paper or
a work-in-progress for presentation at the conference. We also encourage you to consider submitting your papers for publication in the IAB journals.
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